Secondary Education

Lifesong Christian School (LCS)

Education is one of the key necessities for third world development and a catalyst to emerging out of the poverty cycle.  Through Lifesong - MBO and key Haitian partners we currently have grades 7-11.  Secondary education is provided for the people of Bercy and other from other local villages/partner ministries.   Lifesong Christian school provides daily breakfast and lunch for each student, this allows for the students to be fueled and ready for a full day of learning.

The School curriculum focuses on Biblical integration, critical thinking, hands on experience in all 

 core subjects ares ( Math, History, Sciences, Economic, Language)  with a variety of other academic subjects which include:

  • Bible 4 days week and Chapel every week for the 5 day
  • English
  • Music/Art
  • French as a second language 
  • Chemistry and Biology taught in a full equipped laboratory.  
  • Computer technology taught in a full computer lab equipped with Laptops for each student and WiFi 
  • Life skills teaching and training class