Meet Elysse "Tiblan" and Celinette.

 They have 7 kids and live in a mud shack the size of a closet.  They are hard working people who raise their children to love the Lord.  Tiblan has never had a steady job, he is a hard working man who yearns to provide for his family.  Celinette is a Momma to everyone she comes across to.  She has such an infectious smile and big heart!  She makes the best popcorn in all of Bercy.  When you come ask her for some "popkon"

Meet the Asso Family.


This summer has brought tragedy and blessing!  In June their house burned down. 4 kids and Madame Asso 8 months pregnant made the journey to Ministere des Bras Ouverts on foot.  What a blessing this family has been to us.  In July Madame Asso gave birth to a son Asteven.  This family also recieved Christ as their Savior and dedicated themselves to raise the kids in a Christian household. They now live in an abandoned incomplete building all 7 sleeping on the ground. They are in the MBO feeding program and we are in need of support for this family.  A monthly payment of $200 would provide a job for the father and a great sense of pride for him to care for his family. This job would allow for him to buy water and food as well as send the kids to school.  He has committed his life to Christ and wants to provide for his family needs.  Donate here!   please mention the Asso family monthly support


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