Farming and Livestock

Farming and livestock are essential to the Haitian lifestyle and necessary for sustainability for the future.  If you have visited Haiti you would have witnessed hundreds of roaming goats, cows, and chickens that look as they have skin pulled  over their bones.  Many, if not all, of the livestock in the Bercy area struggle with physical growth due to worms, poor nutrition and lack of regular water. 

 “One for One” program

  • A family in need will receive a female goat
  • Lifesong - MBO will guide and instruct on how to care for the female goat up to a year or until the first kid is born
  • The exchange is completed once the recipient returns the first kid
  • With this kid goat Lifesong - MBO will then repeat the process by giving the kid to another family in need

Farming is a staple skill set that most Haitian men possess, and knowing this helps to facilitate farming projects on the land that God has provided for our ministry.  Our vision is to plant 60 acres of fruit trees, 20 acres of rotating crops and the remaining 20 acres will be for buildings and retention ponds.  

If you are interested in supporting this project, donate now.  Your donations will support the following:

  • $15 buys a fruit tree
  • $20 buys a more mature mango or coconut or breadfruit tree
  • $65 buys a goat
  • $200 buys a cow