Homes for Haiti.

 One Ministry here at MBO is the Homes for Haiti.  This gives you a chance to build a stable, firm home for a family in need.  Most families on the Ministere des Bras Ouverts property live in mud style homes or homes made from debris found on the ground.  The floor is dirt and the roof is make shift, made out of miscellaneous debris that the people collect.  It collects various insects, it is very hot with little to no ventilation, it is very dirty, unsanitary, and when it rains (which is often)  it is flooded and full of mud, unlivable and a health concern for the family.

 With your donation and active participation, you can fund a home and create a secure living environment for a family.  Total cost for a home is $5500.00 this includes; construction supplies, roofing, windows, doors, a concrete slap and Labor. If you and your team are  interested, you can help do your part in some basic construction of the home. 

 Not only are you providing a stable home for a family, you are also giving jobs to the Haitian community.  About 70% of Haitians DO NOT have jobs and 80% of the people live below the poverty line as  well as 54% of the Haitian people live in abject poverty. Please Donate to Homes for Haiti.